In Love with Parties

The New Year is here and do you know what that means? Parties!!! Who doesn’t love partying? It’s all about dressing up, looking smashing and having a blast. At Pantaloons, we love parties. And we love fashion even more. And … Read more>>

Bid Adieu

2013 is almost here! And while it’s a euphoric feeling to leave behind the old and step into the new, treat this as a chance for something fabulous to do! Survey your closet carefully, and toss out some of those … Read more>>

Dress to Dazzle

Shimmer, shine, glitter and glamour. Absolutely essential for the hip party you’re about to hit. It’s not just about the attitude, but also the clothes. Give your wardrobe that hint of razzmatazz which will make you stand out in a … Read more>>

A Dressy Winter

Why should a bit of chill freeze your inner fashionista? Go forth and unleash the fashion goddess in you and have yourself a chic winter. If dresses aren’t your cup of tea, fear not. Bring out your girly and stylish … Read more>>

Dress to Impress

Your clothes are an extension of your personality. What you wear says a lot about you. So choose wisely, and create a favorable and fashionable impression with your wardrobe. Attending a cocktail party? Opt for a rich midnight blue cotton … Read more>>

Made Up to Party

The season to party and make merry is here and you need to put your best face forward! What better way to stand out and be the belle of the ball than by experimenting with the latest makeup trends! Dual … Read more>>