Top 5 Picks from Pantaloons

Top those style charts with just the right style combination you have always longed for. Check out our selection of the top 5 things from the Pantaloons collection that are fashion imperatives you must have in your closet. Accessorize It … Read more>>

Summer Classics

The ubiquitous casuals have always been endorsed by fashion lovers as a style mantra all over the globe and in all seasons. Deck up with an all new range of slick casuals and add a bit of a spin to … Read more>>

Holiday Shopping Carnival

Nothing welcomes the holidays better than a whole new wardrobe. And Pantaloons sparks off a range of vacation ideas through its new collection beautifully offset with a range of accessories.Florals, pastels, fresh denims, zany stripes, stunning eye-wear, cool watches, handbags…. … Read more>>

How to dress up for the Holidays

Let that enthralling holiday mood sink in and get set for the perfect vacation at your dream destination. Be it the invigorating beach holiday, the rugged road trip or a thrilling tryst with adventure; make sure you pick that impeccable … Read more>>

Casual Fridays

Fridays are meant for losing your formal inhibitions and going effortlessly casual; a refreshing transition from your daily routine.This is the time to get into weekend mode by looking your casual best! There’s something about casual wear that de-stresses you … Read more>>

Shorts Story

Summer is the perfect time to flaunt your bodacious frame. And what better way to show off your workout results than in shorts? So make space for trendy shorts in your closet and get the temperature soaring in style. Colours … Read more>>

Summer Dresses

Feminine and fabulous, summer dresses are back with a fresh fashionable bang. A closet staple this season, here’s the low-down on flaunting a chic summer style. Beat the heat with flower power! Freshen up your summer with a crisp floral … Read more>>

Pretty in Pastels

Pastels exude sophistication by lending a subtle yet chic look to accentuate your personality. And when classy contemporary pastels are the fashion mantra of the season, you don’t want to miss out on playing with these beautiful hues! So get … Read more>>

Style Your Attitude

Sunglasses are the epitome of cool. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Slip on a pair of swanky sunglasses and your style quotient just shoots off the charts! The best thing about sunglasses is that they complement your personality and there’s a … Read more>>

Gorging on Greens

The fashion gods have spoken and it’s time to go green with envy. Lauded for its versatility and ability to lend effortless flair to anything, green has been declared as the perfect colour to drench your apparel and accessories in. … Read more>>