Ever been to a store looking for footwear but didn’t know the right name for it? Well, wonder no more! Here’s a shoe decoder that makes you the superlative shoe connoisseur.


You only turn 16 once! The celebration should have nothing but tiaras, ribbons, pom-poms, confetti, tulles, candies and lots and lots of Pink! Pantaloons understands your ‘sweet-tooth’ and so we are bringing you the most fun & flirty collection with … Read more>>


Edgy, rock star inspired and tough, San Frisco Jeans Co is all about going bold this season. Its grunge inspired fashion for men and women. The collection offers distressed fashion denims, leather jackets, lace dresses, racer backs, crop tops, graphic … Read more>>

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Be it a party, the movie screening, an EDM concert or a jazzy night on town… Here are some Typically Trending essentials to save the day!

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I’m Rahul! An architect by profession and a go-getter by heart and soul! And this is my life in a nutshell…

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