Gear Up, Bridesmaids!

Your best friend is getting married? We know exactly what’s on your mind, “WHAT-AM-I-GOING-TO-WEAR? This Wedding season, we give you the best options to flaunt at you best friend’s wedding. Scroll down and hit the store!

2014 Fashion Report

There’s an incredible amount of diversity in fashion — and especially when we’re talking about trends.2014 was year was full of surprises and old-school reincarnations. Here’s bringing you a round-up of all the styles that vowed us over the past … Read more>>

Party On My Sleeve

For as much fun as the holiday season brings, it also carries along ton of stress. We know you’re being bombarded with all the party invites and hence we’ve curated the most upbeat party options for the fall. Every fashionista … Read more>>

Party Crisis: Rahul comes to the rescue

Wait, what? We are hardly left with a week to bid adieu to 2014! While the last chapter of the year is about beating the chill with celebrations, festival shopping and warm get-togethers, it’ll be fair to say that the … Read more>>

Esha and I go partying!

Yet another year comes to a close and yet another year Esha helps me out. Because that’s just the kind of gal she is, the one who goes the extra mile for her friends, especially when it comes to being … Read more>>

Party Crisis: Pari Comes to the rescue

Oopsies! Here we go with yet another party crisis. Why can’t I ever plan my outfits in advance and why am I always left with a feeling that I’m not jazzed up enough? Not all is unwell in paradise cove … Read more>>

It’s a Party Crisis! Sara comes to the rescue!

It’s the month of shinny disco balls, sparkling sodas, ferry lights, grand ensembles and a lot of D-A-N-C-I-N-G! But do you know what bothers a fashionista on a Starry New Year’s Eve? Massive party outfit crisis! With a wavering mindset … Read more>>

Winter Voyage with Sara

‘Tis the season of cozy wear and comforting hot chocolates! I’m going to take you guys on a little winter-wear detour, with the help of Sara. Before that, have I mentioned that Sara and I go long back? Yes,  and … Read more>>

Winter Voyage with Esha

Winter is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y here and I have been dreaming of the most feminine winter collection all year long! Call it fortune or fate, but I recently stumbled upon a gorgeous winter wardrobe. Want to know who this ladylike winter wardrobe … Read more>>

Winter Voyage With Pari

Winter is here and for some of us, this can mean a tad-bit of dreary weather and dullness. But ladies, don’t fret; with Pari on board,you and I can make the winter full of charm and elegant fashion tastings. Oh, … Read more>>