3 Steps to Prep for Sale Season!

Sales are always the happiest times of our lives. They provide the perfect opportunity to stock up on our favorite designs and upgrade our wardrobes. To help you make the most of a sale here is your Sale Prep Guide!

The Game Plan

The first thing you need to do is create a game plan before the sale. Survey your wardrobe and make a list of garments you need to purchase. This list will help you strategize on how best to shop in the store. Your strategy should take into account how long you plan to spend shopping and which garments from your list are priorities. With this set game plan in mind, you can shop efficiently during a sale and get each and every garment you desired with ease!

The Stiletto Sneak-in

While we all know the cardinal rule of wearing comfortable footwear when shopping, we tend to forget other aspects of a sale. When you plan on purchasing a maxi dress or dress pants, one thing we all need to consider is the length. This is particularly crucial when you plan on wearing heels. The best thing to do is to carry your favorite pair of heels so you purchase the garment of the correct length.

The No Makeup Clause

The best part of a sale is the fact that you can purchase beautiful outfits at an affordable price. However, when you’re trying out outfits in a hurry, you tend to leave a smudge of foundation. To avoid such disasters from marring your new clothes, it’s best to avoid wearing any makeup. Or at best, keep it minimal. After all, you may not find another perfect silk shirt that fits you just right again.

So hop into our stores this weekend to make the most of the end of season sale and get amazing discounts on your favorite styles!