4 winter jackets your wardrobe needs!

Winter is finally upon us and the weather has moved on from pleasantly cool to super chilly. To keep yourself nice and cosy this winter, we give you 4 awesome jackets to ensure you stay warm and fashionable all the time!

The Heavy Duty Parka

For those who are planning on vacationing in the mountains, a parka is the perfect combination of functionality and fashion. The jacket is sturdy enough to keep you warm in the coldest of nights. Yet the furry hood is a fun touch that can give any outfit a quirky look.

The Biker Jacket

For those who love to travel and won’t settle for anything unless it was edgy enough to meet their style. The biker jackets are the perfect piece to ensure you keep warm but also stand out in the crowd. Black being a naturally slimming colour and the fitted nature of the jacket guarantees you a frame that lends leaner and taller look.

The Comfortably Cosy Shrug

For those who prefer comfort to walk hand in hand with their fashion choices. Shrugs are the perfect layering option when opting for the casual and effortlessly stylish look. It can be thrown over a T-shirt and jeans or even a flowery dress to create a fun and comfortable ensemble.

The Classy Double Breasted Jacket

For the city women who expect nothing but the best and get their style tips from the major fashion capitals of the world. This type of jacket is a statement piece that can be thrown on any outfit and instantly make it high fashion. Since the jacket itself is on the heavier side, you can pair it with fitted clothes for the perfect outfit!

The one key piece any winter wardrobe needs is a winter jacket that fits your personal style. So come on down to Pantaloons and check out the exciting range!