5 Fashion Instagram Accounts Every Girl Must Follow

We love a good sense of fashion and appreciate others who do the same! Here’s bringing you some of the best fashion Instagram accounts across India, who’ve got a penchant for versatility and panache. Scroll down to see who they are!

Sonam Kapoor
Need we say more? The name itself stands out for uber elegance and sheer flair for all kinds of fashion; whether it’s elitist designer wear, overseas streestyle fashion or traditional avatar adaptation, Sonam has it all in her bag and how!

Tanghavri- Tanya Ghaavri
With actresses like Kareena and Sonam in her court, this stylist has set some major fashion evolutions, raising the bar of Indian fashion standard yet again!

Giasaysthat- Gia Kashyap
Remember when the world bashed the concept of a ‘Size zero’ body? Yeah, well that ship has sailed and we’ve come around to love our bodies just as they are. Here’s Gia Kashyap setting that example for us in her own plus-size kinda way! Hearts for Gia!


Akanksha Redhu
She loves chronicling outfit inspirations and everything pretty off of Pinterest. What’s interesting on this particular lifestyle account are the fashion buys, beauty reviews, videos of places she visits, and her overall ravishing style.

Nidhi Sunil
This law student turned model has been kickin’ it with her stunning dusky complexion and bold photo-shoots. She likes to keep it sexy with a chance of sweet!

Have you got anymore interesting fashion accounts that we have missed? Let us know!

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