5 jacket your closet demands



Winter is finally here, perfect time to layer up with jackets, sweatshirts, shrugs and more! You can pair these overcoats with evening dresses, sporty looks, urbane work wear, stylized travel outfits and what not. So, scroll down, make a note and grab these from the stores this season.

image-1 (4)

You can finally wear your lace dress without being cold. This trench coat will not only enhance your elegant meeting attire but also give a complete visage in this chilly weather.

image-2 (3)

We love a casual integration of bomber jackets with office clothes; it makes for an ultimate urbane look. So whether it’s flying business class or going off site, this bomber jacket will keep you a cozy company.

image-3 (3)

Back to school, but don’t want to be too cool? Pair your skater dresses, camisoles and spaghetti peplums with this dainty cropped jacket and don’t let the winter make you compromise your style.

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Going for jogs in this chilly whether without a sweat jacket is a big nay nay! Cover yourself up with this sporty jacket and stay rest assured to maintain your fitness regime.

Which jacket do you think will make it your winter wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below.