5 Monsoon Essentials!!

This year, the monsoons have returned with a greater enthusiasm. The rains are frequent and heavy ensuring that you have to relook your wardrobe this season. Here are five essentials you need to ensure you do not get washed out in the rain:

Rubber Footwear

When it comes to the rains, you better pack away all your leather shoes and cork heeled footwear. Instead there is a large variety of brightly coloured footwear women can opt for to boost your style factor. The rubber ballerina shoes or flip flops are perfect for soft feminine outfit while gum boots are a staple that ensure you keep your feet dry and clean at all times. Men as well have a variety of monsoon footwear to choose from. From sturdy gumboots and floaters to different styles of rubber footwear. There is something for everyone.


Waterproof bags

While there are a large variety of waterproof bags available on the market, women can consider opting for the transparent options. Not only are these bags quirky and interesting but, they help you remain organized as you can easily see everything your bag holds. Men have the option of choosing bright coloured waterproof bag packs that are the perfect accessory.


Bright lipsticks

To avoid the rains from making your face look washed out, there is a selection of brightly coloured lipsticks you can choose from. However, bright lipsticks should be worn with care, you should choose lipsticks which compliment your skin tone.


Neon clothing

The type of clothes you wear this season should be selected with care. It is best to avoid long skirts and full-length pants as they stand a higher chance of getting wet. Rather wear culottes, capris, ankle length pants and skirts to avoid wearing damp clothes the entire day. Both men and women can opt for neon colours that are the rage particularly in materials that dry easily.


Colourful umbrella

The one statement piece you can always carry along with you is a brightly coloured umbrella. A large bright umbrella is the perfect accessory guaranteeing to protect you from the rains while also allowing you to stand out from the mass of dull coloured umbrellas.

Being fashionable is a daily effort. This monsoon be prepared and bring out your brightest looks to keep your spirits high through the rains!

Check out our fashionable monsoon looks below!