Wearing red on Valentine’s Day may seem cliché, but there is a reason behind why this colour rules everyone’s style every year. The colour is universally flattering, has thousands of shades within it and even a hint of it can magically transform a boring monochrome look. So let’s get into it!

We’ve all heard of the LBD or Little Black Dress. This year, why not switch up your style with a Little Red Dress and make heads turn where ever you go? Party or date night, you can’t go wrong with an LRD.

There is something magical about a girl who can rock a bold ‘red lip’. Your version of this can be as fearless as a popping ‘fire-engine’ red or as mysterious as a deliciously ‘deep berry’ red. Add the soft glow of a candlelight dinner and you will have your date’s undivided attention. Promise!

A pair of sexy red pumps transforms virtually any look in a matter of seconds. While it’s tough to beat a pair of sky high stilettos, there are so many ways to stand out with a pair of kitten heels, ballerinas or even a sexy wedge.

Whether you’re going for head to toe red or want to flaunt a bold red clutch with your monochrome look, it’s the perfect arm candy to have in your wardrobe.

Now matching red jewellery isn’t restricted to just bridal wear. Glitz up your Valentine’s Day look with a statement neckpiece that transitions beautifully from office wear to chic evening wear.

So this year, ladies be fearless and bold by working the colour of the season into your wardrobe as subtly or as flamboyantly as you’d like. Either way, don’t forget to ROCK the look!