5 essentials to look your best at work this monsoon

The monsoons have finally arrived with full force. With heavy showers a common sight, picking the right work outfit has now reached a level 10 on difficulty. There needs to be a balance between being fashionable while being monsoon appropriate. Does the task seem too daunting?

Have no fear; we at Pantaloons have curated five essentials that will guarantee you the perfect monsoon wardrobe!

Ankle Length Pants

Our imperfectly designed roads + heavy monsoons have made puddles a common sight every year. These have the potential to ruin your beautifully tailored formal pants. To avoid this disaster, opt for ankle length pants in neutral shades like black, brown and blue.

50 Shades of Colour

With the weather being a consistent shade of gloomy grey, why not brighten up your wardrobe with shades of pink, green and yellow. While your pants need to be a neutral shade to prevent stains, you can experiment with the tops!

Comfortably Chic Silhouettes

The key to creating a fashionable work look is to ensure it remains comfortable as well. To achieve this, you can opt for short kurtas, off shoulder tops and high low tops. For guys, you can also experiment with different textures so that your outfits are breathable.

Waterproof your feet

When you see the grey monsoon clouds swoop in, it’s time to put away your fun leather and cloth shoes. Wearing waterproof footwear is crucial to surviving the monsoons. There are numerous options from gumboots and rubber shoes to waterproof neon belly flats. Invest in a pair of quality monsoon shoes and they will guard your feet through the rains.

Printed Skater Dresses

If your office allows it, you can also wear skater dresses to work. You can also add a blazer or a scarf to make the outfit look more formal. This style is the monsoon lifesaver as they pack in a fashion forward look while ensuring that they are rain appropriate!

So these are our top 5 essentials to help you survive the monsoon showers in style. Head to your nearest Pantaloons store to find fashionable outfits now on discount!