A Dressy Winter

Why should a bit of chill freeze your inner fashionista? Go forth and unleash the fashion goddess in you and have yourself a chic winter.

If dresses aren’t your cup of tea, fear not. Bring out your girly and stylish tops to play. For best results, pair them up with skinny jeans and accessorize simply with a classy and elegant watch. And if you want to repeat this look for a party, then replace the watch with funky bracelets and bangles. 

And if dresses are what make your heart skip a beat, then the world is your oyster. Breezy and stylish, dresses look oh-so-gorgeous with jazzy, fun bracelets. Or even better, go for a superbly sexy neckpiece that complements your ensemble perfectly. Colours we swear by? Aubergine, lavender and shades of blue and purple.

Floral prints are absolutely perfect for those who love feminine fashion. They’re delicate, flirty and inspire playfulness. Throw on a cool, cropped jacket that adds layers, charm, warmth and chutzpah to your ensemble.

Clean lines, solid structures and funky patterns. This is the perfect time to experiment with a different style and a dark, semi-monochromatic look is something you absolutely must try. Make a statement with contrasting accessory like a bright, peppy clutch or bag – tangerine, pink and hues of bright red are our picks.

Opt for shaded tones with a blend of colours that beautifully offset each other and result in an ensemble that’s super chic and bold yet underrated.  Go easy on the accessories with this one as it’s a statement in itself. A chunky wristband or bracelet is what we recommend.

Winter is the season of festivities and celebrations. And it’s definitely the time for you to celebrate the fashion diva in you!