It’s that time of the year again. No, we’re not talking about the rains. It’s the new academic year.Treat it as the perfect chance to show off your fabulous style. Whether you’re attending the fresher’s party or just lectures, use your campus as your personal ramp and put on a dazzling show!

Ladies, step up your A game and let your inner fashionista dazzle the campus.

Plaid Power

Catching the latest flick after lectures with your new friends? Go for a simple and slim-fit plaid shirt. Plaid is a style staple and currently ranks high on the fashion-meter. Add a hint of edgy appeal in the form of coloured denims. Perfect the outfit with a finishing touch in the form of vertiginous heels and you’ll be sure to turn more than a few heads.

Casual and Cool

You can never go wrong with the classic combination of jeans and a t-shirt. It’s the ultimate amalgamation of comfort and style and perfect for your first day at college. Pick a cool tee with graphic prints and team it up with sneakers and your favourite pair of skinny jeans. A watch or a smart wrist-band goes fabulously well with this ensemble.
Fun with Florals

Nothing says feminine and flirty better than floral prints. A fashion trend that is an absolute favourite at the moment, florals are your best bet to show off your style.  Scored a date with the college hottie? Rock the girly chic look in a pair of dark jeans and a floral top. Lend some oomph in the form of gorgeous pumps and you’ll soon be heralded as the most stylish girl on campus.

Alter this outfit a bit to master the perfect girl-next-door vibe just in time for the Fresher’s Party.  Swap the top for a girly peasant blouse and replace those jeans with denim capris. Let your feet do the talking in a pair of vibrant wedges and top it up with wristbands or bracelets.  Don’t be surprised if your popularity meter skyrockets after this.
Why should girls have all the fun? Nothing turns heads the way a well-dressed and immaculately groomed guy can. Try out these dapper ensembles to claim your position as the most stylish guy on campus.

The T-Shirt Effect

Show off all that time spent in the gym in form of graphic print T-shirts. When it comes to classic style, the T-shirt is an unrivaled fashion must-have for its charm and cool-quotient. Wear it well with a pair of rugged or distressed jeans and sneakers. Sporty, stylish, masculine; there’s a sneaker for every stylish pair of feet out there.  Complete this stylish ensemble with a cool wrist-band or watch and you’re all set for your freshman orientation! After all, if you’re going to make an impression, it should be stylish!

Dress to Impress

Participating in the inter-collegiate talent contest? Auditioning for the cool college band? Trying to catch the eye of the most popular girl in the quad? Make sure you’re dressed to impress.  Pair a striped, perfectly contoured shirt over a trust-worthy pair of jeans and you’re halfway there. Increase your cool quotient in a pair of aviators or a statement wrist-band and you’ll soon be doling out style tips to your new friends.

College is fun, exciting and always full of new things to explore. Whatever you do on campus, make sure you do it stylishly.