Beauty Care Guide- Part I

Managing beauty products can be a whirlwind and we understand the major beauty problem of using and storing them. Hence we’ve rounded up creative ways to store all your beauty products, to use them and de-clutter your makeup cases. Let’s starts with the basics first. What do we have in store? Beauty products and brushes.

Makeup Brushes: How to use, store and clean. Every brush serves a different purpose and all must be clean before you use them.

How to Use:

Flat Brush – A flat brush is used to apply foundation. Remember: blending is the key, so blend till get the desired evenness. The brush blends the product, covers pores and leaves you with an even complexion.

Powder Brush – This rounded brush helps apply all powders. For example: bronzers, blushes and highlighters. This brush has got your back!

Eyeshadow Brush –These short firm brushes work best with powder eyeshadows. This wand contours the eye and adds depth. If there is one eyeshadow brush you should own, this is the one.

Eyeliner Brush–Are you a cream or gel liner girl? This is the perfect brush for you. Its short, firm bristles provide control when trying to create a breathtaking retro look.

Lip Brush– This brush works with any lip formula and gives you a lush look. Start by lining your lips, then work from the center of your lip to the edges, filling in your lipstick in with this brush. If you have problems connecting your color in the corner of your lips, use the blunt tip of this brush to blend product. And voila!

How to Clean:

Cleaning your makeup brushes is extremely important. With each passing day, your brushes collect dust, dirt, oil, and bacteria, affecting your skin and getting the worst out of it. Here are two types of cleaning treatments they deserve.

Daily–spritz with a daily cleanser, every time you’re done using them. This will kill all kinds of bacteria.

Deep Cleaning-Get your supplies first. Gentle shampoo. Vinegar. Water. Small bowl. Lint-free towel. Start off by washing your brushes in lukewarm water and shampoo.Then, make a disinfecting vinegar solution that’s one part vinegar and two parts water. Dip the clean brush into the solution and swish it around for about one minute. And rinse.

How to Store:

Store them in a wrapped leather holder that will keep from touching one another and is travel friendly.When storing them at home, place them in a glass jar filled with coffee beans to hold your brushes in an upright position.

Beauty Products: How to store

We know people use proper closets and storing ideas for shoes and jewelry, but you also need to stow your beauty products safely. Organize your makeup wardrobe and say no to digging!

– Ice-Cube Tray: This one’s to store your powder eyeshadow mini-bottles.

– Make-Cake Stand: A makeup cake stand for girls who love showing off their classy products.

– Magnetic makeup board: A home-made beauty storage idea to store your everyday essentials and keep them from leaking.
Tip: Wrap a fancy/decorative cloth around the lid of a metal box. Hang it on a wall next to the dressing table or mirror. Now all you have to do is, just stick small coin sized magnets behind the products and put them on the board.

So if you’ve been wandering in the dark and don’t know how to store your beauty products, follow our lead and tell us if our tips help you.