Beauty Care Guide Part II

Last time we shared a practical guide on usage, cleaning and some clever tricks on storage for your beauty products.
We are back with yet another piece with some more tips and tricks for your beauty storage and routine! Check it out…

Vanity Case: How to store plus makeup essentials and what do they do!

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How to Store:

Step 1- Gather all your beauty products on one table or a spreadsheet, so you can take a close look at what you’ve got in your treasure trunk!

Step 2- Now go through the products and check their expiry dates please? There’s a high possibility you never restocked that old makeup removal lotion. Toss anything that’s expired. As for nail polish, throw away anything you haven’t used in a year.

Step 3- This activity will also help you understand your shopping behaviour and prevent you from making unnecessary duplicative purchases, say, a lip balm or cake compact you didn’t need. Bid them farewell!  Out of sight, out of mind.

Step 4- Organize now! Imagine a pouch or a vanity case where products are not stored in a jumbled mess in some drawer. (An organized vanity case will make your life so much easier!)

Step 5- Now, if you don’t already have a vanity make up organiser, invest in one. Make sure the drawers are deep enough to stash tons of products, and the open top allows for your display of personal favourite. Make sure to designate a clear spot to store the sample packets, so you know where to go when you need travel-sized products.

Step 6-  Now rearrange based on your priority- the everyday products, the enhancers, the add ons and masterful concealing products and your collection of lipsticks or favorites.

Final step- Check your product arrangement every few months, so that things never get too disorganized and you don’t waste products before they get too close to their shelf life.


Make up essentials and their use:
Do you feel your life is disorganized at times? Well, your vanity case feels the same. You need to revamp your makeup routine and learn to store only precious must-have beauty products. We rounded up the best essentials to simplify your beauty case and makeup routine…
What to store? Essentials, essentials and a little more.

– Complexion corrector: Be it a swear-by God concealer or a basic BB/CC/DD/EE cream (yes there are multiple variants), you need an even toned complexion! Going a shade lighter is a total faux pas so make sure you pick a corrector that matches to your skin only.

– Highlight, Illuminate and Contour: We move beyond just the basic makeup and explore the professional favorite. Just like a base and a red lipstick, these things are also must-have items when you want to look a little diva-ish!
P.S: Basically a highlighter attracts light, creating the illusion of brightness and height, creating a “lit-from-within” look.

– Faux eyelash/ Amazing mascara: no look is complete without creating dramatic eyes with some mascara.

– Brow Pencil: There’s one for every natural coloured eyebrow. It’s used to shape the brow when you want to add depth and a brooding colour to give your eyebrows a defining shape.

– Cheek stain: If you’re not a highlighter person or big on makeup, just go with a soft rosy cheek stain look.

– Cotton Swabs: Use this to remove your makeup gently, from lips, underneath the eyes and the overall face.

– Lipstick! Last but never the least you must have a great lipstick that’s your own signature.

– Basic Eye-shadow Palette: This palette will always help when you need to look prim and proper. We suggest a nude palette for all occasions.

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Basic Beauty Tools

Two simply awesome and basic beauty tools that devour all the place in your drawer with their wires and giant figures. Here’s an easy holder idea that will just keep your flat iron and curling wands in place.