Beauty Trends: Spring/Summer 2013

Beauty has opened its doors to some serious fun! This summer, let go of your beauty inhibitions and allow your imagination to go wild! Experiment with vibrant colours ranging from neon to pastels and everything in between.

Go Nude

Define your eyelashes with clear mascara; it’s time to explore the au natural. A hint of blush on the cheekbones and a dash of nudes or natural pinks on the lips will make your countenance appear delicately beautiful.

Emerald Tones

Emerald tones are the hottest hues to flaunt on your eyes and nails! Don a smokey voluminous eye-shadow with tones of emerald and silver for an evening look. Also, highlight the brows to accentuate the frame of your face. Give your style an emerald edge. Go for this fabulous colour when in need for a nail-makeover.

Matt lip shades

We are paying great attention to the lips and it’s time you say goodbye to gloss and welcome matte with pastels and fuchsia tones for fuller lips. For those who love to look edgy and play with colours, go wild with tangerines, purples and hot pinks. Add in some clever contouring for a dramatic effect. The combination of neon hues and matte is the new fashion rage!

Minimalist Hair

Less is more. Make the most of this trend with simple ponytails, glossy comb-brushed and middle parted hair. Beautiful hair adds the right amount of appeal to your look. Opt for a deep side parting swept across the forehead to make a strong statement.


This season it’s all about finding the right base that easily adapts to your skin tone and skin type. Supercharge your skin with a smooth nourishing sheer foundation for a plush look. With the right shade you can flaunt a natural and fresh look all summer long.

The color palette of pastel hues and bright colors effortlessly extends itself to the Pantaloons summer collection. It gives a sense of freshness and fun which is captured in an explosion of colors and vibrant prints. You will find a range of blues, violets, jades, nectarines, reds and limes.

So take the plunge and fall in love with the summer hues at Pantaloons.