Bid Adieu

2013 is almost here! And while it’s a euphoric feeling to leave behind the old and step into the new, treat this as a chance for something fabulous to do! Survey your closet carefully, and toss out some of those pesky, fashion casualties that don’t stand a chance at survival in 2013!

The first thing that you literally need to fling away is the pair of those yawn-inducing flared pants. Slim, structured and straight are in. Flared pants do nothing to flatter your shape and will only make you stick out like a sore thumb in the sea of slickly tailored ensembles.

Since we’re talking long and willowy, the next thing on your get-rid list is platform heels. Sure, they gave you an advantage of height. But the bulky frame is turning out to be a bit of an eye-sore. And everyone knows a true fashionista always prefers pumps and stilettos.

If there’s one thing that does absolutely nothing to highlight your shape or form, it is a cowl neck. Sloppy, non-structured and very uncool, you shouldn’t even have these around you, let alone wear them.

Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory holds true for fashion as well. And one trend that has truly not survived, are corduroy pants. They were a rage in the swinging 80s and fun 90s, but have died a slow and sure death by now.

Anti-fits or baggy jeans are so 2005! Even the teenagers who swore by these wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole now. You’re better off donating these to charity. Or maybe burning them.

So clean up your act and your closet, and usher in the New Year on a fashionable note!