Break Fashion Rules

Trends are constantly evolving and changing! And there’s no greater joy than being a little rebel. At Pantaloons, fashion breathes free and here’s a representation of the same.
Take a look at the fashion myth busters and get inspired.



Fusion wear need not have traditional prints!

These twin-sets are not only ethnic inspired but also embody design and sass of the west. So get groovy in this boxy crop top and slit maxi skirt to take the night over.


Shoes and bags don’t need to match!

If you’re delusional about this key, then let me break this for you. Here’s a live example as to why your bags and shoes don’t need to match.


Mixing of prints is chic.

We’ve said it before and we say it again, “Prints are the new black”. Mix your prints and do it gracefully well with our pairing for desi overcoats and kurtis by Jamini.


Sequins and studs are an all-day/everyday wear.

PSA: Wear your bling everywhere! This world could use a little shimmer to light it up, plus when did diamonds ever lose connect with the ladies?


Long dresses aren’t just for model-tall girls!

Tall or not, this maxi dress has the sheer to show off your legs and still look classy. Show em’ sexy legs and head out for a beautiful brunch day or evening drinks with your girlies.


Do you now believe us, that there’s no such thing as a fashion rule? Go out and break them all in your

style. Show us your fashion breaking styles and get some from Pantaloons.