Closet care guide

Love hoarding clothes? Struggling with cluttered wardrobe? Take our advice and Unclutter and Manage in simple ways. Here’s how you do it!


– Getting rid: Get rid of anything that really doesn’t belong in the closet or in your heart. Easiest way to is start by discarding all ill-fitting clothes or those which have sitting at the back of your closet for a very long time.

– Season essentials: Do not throw away any item that could be useful for summer, monsoon and winter. Hold onto the essentials, you will always need a windcheater during monsoon, a white cotton top for summers and a warm fuzzy cardigan to keep you company with dresses on chilly nights. Since winter lasts only for a couple of months, make sure you rearrange your wardrobe and shift those fluffy sweaters on the lowest shelf.

– The must-have capsule: What is your personal style like? Is it casual, boho, Indie or ethnic? Arrange the must-haves as per your personal style separately and you’re sorted for any occasion that comes your way. Also this way, you’re certain of the items you don’t ever want to throw away.

– Limited Hangers: Limit the usage of hangers. Only hang your most intricate and delicate clothes.

– Occasion Specific: It helps to keep go-to pieces ready for important occasions be it meetings,dinner dates, weekenders or sundown parties. Think blazer for meetings, black LBD for parties, sheath dress for meetings, a hi-lo maxi skirt or casual shorts with a sequinned top for sundowners.


– Build a base: The storage area is the foundation of your closet. If you’re in the mood for a renovation, consider adding drawers and wooden planks to create sections and an organized space. If you’re not in the mood to add sections, just keep it clean and spacious, so that your racks don’t intertwine. The important part is to make sure you find the space, structure, and shelving necessary to store everything you have.

– Grouping: Start organizing by grouping items together. Put all of your shoes in one place and bags in another, it’ll be a lot easier to decide where they should live permanently as they’ll take most of the space. At the same time, you’re also helping yourself see what items you have in store and it also makes sure you’re taking care of any valuable items you will be keeping. For example, make sure your jewelry is always wrapped in an appropriate package, boots and purses have shapers and dust covers to protect them from the wear and tear etc.

– Create areas: After you have a general idea of how much you have and what is most important to your daily life, place those things in easy-to-see and easy-to-reach areas. Things like dressy costumes that are out of the ordinary should go in the back or on a higher shelf. Think logically; make sure the things you use every day are the easiest to get to. And keep in mind that visibility is incredibly important. If you can, put your shoes on open racks, hang jewelry on a prominent stand or from decorative hooks, and display your bags. If you can see it, you’ll use it!

– Colour code:Colour scheming makes everything:-
1) Beautiful! We mean aesthetically beautiful, and really contributes to that chic fashionista feel
2) super-simple to find what you need
3) Helps you mix and match and pick your outfits according to the mood. Coordinate using the light-dark spectrum. Keep dark colors on the left, then comes the rainbow colors, and keep the beige, tan, and white on the right.

– Final touch: Add an artistic detail or a personal touch to make it look like it belongs to you.Example: Decorative hangers or colourful streamers to add partitions.

So if we have missed out on any wardrobe detox or storage tips, please share your inputs in the comments and enlighten us!