Closet Classics for Women

It’s time for a quick check to update yourself with fashion’s classics as you make a head start into another fabulous day. ‘Less is more’ is definitely this season’s style mantra!

White and Floral tops
A classic, a trend setter or a style statement – call it what you want. The fact remains that a white top is a wardrobe essential! Printed crop tops are back with a vengeance too! Make the most of the florals which are in vogue this spring. Update your wardrobe with a healthy supply of short tops and demure white tops in time for summer.

Classic suit
Nothing can match the charm you exude when suited up! This season, get out of the clichéd league and opt for a linen suit jacket atop matching narrow trousers to create a style statement that’s sure to get the compliments rolling.

Coloured denims
Coloured denims are a rage amongst the fashionistas and how! They add incredible charm to a regular denim and top ensemble. If you are feeling sassy, flaunt a lemon or a tangerine hue and show off your swagger.

Silk scarf
A chic addition to your wardrobe, it adds a coquettish edge to every look. The best part, you can wear the same scarf in a zillion ways!

The satchel is fast replacing the office bag and as any bag store shelves will attest. Available in a panoply  of colours and designs, they break the monotony of regular office wear. Be it chic short skirts, adorable denim shorts or sheer shirts, the satchel wows them all.

Silver watch
A nifty silver watch can take you from the office to party with aplomb. Opt for a sleek dial as your ultimate style weapon.

Colourful Pumps
Pumps are sleek, sexy and sporty. There is a plethora of vertiginous heels to suit every sole.  Hues of red and royal purple are a total win-win for a party look while mauve or beige rocks the ideal day wear ensemble. A must-have for every girl’s closet.

Statement jewellery
Lots of trends fade but there are some that never go out of style. Handcuffs, stud earrings and hoops have stood the test of time. Semi-precious stones are having a great fashion moment so treat yourself to these enchanting stones. Go ahead and add these timeless bling and baubles to your bevy of gorgeous jewellery.

So here’s a fashionable beckoning to all you pretty lasses and ladies. Make your check list and step out to grab all that your closet is missing. It’s an investment that is sure to pay off as these pieces will stay classic, current and constant as your style sensibilities evolve.