Color Trends: Spring/Summer 2013

Looking forward to the Spring-Summer? Well the season is almost here! Just before you put all the style suspicions on the rocks and swagger to soak up the sun, we pick the most delicious colours which will make you shine and sizzle through the heat!

The season spells floral blooms, a sea of pastels and candy colored accessories. Nothing says fashionable like a cheery panoply of summery hues. Perk up your closet and personality with an array of stunning tints that will complement the relaxed summer breeze.

Blues, Violets, Nectarines, Jades, Popp Reds and Zesty Limes! If playing with fun colours is your passion, then this season is for you!

Don’t go green with envy; drench yourself in it completely. Now that emerald green has been declared as the colour of 2013, you have more reason to sport it. Radiant, luscious and absolutely lively, this is the colour tone to sport.Whether you prefer to incorporate this jewel tone through your wardrobe or your accessories, there are plenty of ways to play with it. Sport it on your ring finger, let it twinkle on your ears or simply loop it pretty around your neck.

Pour a little pigment of imagination! Go wild, go vivacious, go poppy red! This shade stands  beautifully throughout the day. If colour is what you choose to make a style statement in; then make it bold! It is the perfect shade to drench your beloved pumps in.

Guys, there’s no reason why you can’t climb on the colour bandwagon as well. Pick your ties in shades of ochre and lime greens to complete your formal looks. An ochre-toned tie goes fabulously well with a white shirt and adds a little zest to your wardrobe too

African violet looks as exotic as it sounds. It represents everything beautiful and elegant.The best part? Stilettos love them! Those coquettish heels are a love at first sight. Pair them up with a short dress painted in amusing linen and voila look who is blooming fresh from the orchard!

Few words justify the dazzle that Monaco blue brings with it. Opulent, royal and classy – this is the colour to make lasting impressions. Loud or subtle; either way, the colour always makes a statement. For a smart and easy fix, pin a gorgeous brooch on that shirt or blouse and bring on the dapper side.

So take the plunge, fall in love with the colours of summer and lead your closet to a gleeful year!