Esha and I go partying!

Yet another year comes to a close and yet another year Esha helps me out. Because that’s just the kind of gal she is, the one who goes the extra mile for her friends, especially when it comes to being my stylist for the special occasions. We have a New Year’s Eve bash to attend and with nothing to wear, I’ve called on her sage advice to do what she does best – throws my ideas out of the window and comes out with better ones instead. Serves me right for not going shopping with her often, she sure knows how to make me look my best!

Ease the shift into the new year with this sultry 20’s inspired shift dress from Candie’s New York! I swear, Pantaloons has got every occasion covered with the plethora of their brands. Just looking the luxe red made me feel glamorous enough. I’m pumped up for the party, I know that nobody else will have a dress so ecclectic and unique. This look has got all the right combinations to make you the star of the party – the demure flare at the bottom, the stilettos that accentuate your legs and add length to the outfit and a large pendant that elongates your neck, it literally makes you look like you need royalty to welcome you into this party. AND WHO DOESN’T LOVE THE ATTENTION OF BEING THE BEST DRESSED AT PARTIES? All thanks to my bestie Esha!

Oh, and in case you think a little black dress is only meant for birthday parties and clubbing, think again. Esha’s mantra is that nothing screams classic like a black dress with a bit of lace, a look so subtle and elegant it goes perfectly with minimal accessories and matching pumps. I’m a sucker for such looks, looks that make you transcend from one era to another. To give the entire look a lift, all you need to do is a bouffant or if you have short hair like me, Esha recommends that I scrunch the hair and give it a look of some waves. AND ACCESORRIZE! But only with a shimmer handbag and a cuff, but ensure the accessories don’t overpower the look. It’s not meant to be take over the demureness, just spice it up a bit. Don’t fall behind the times and slack off on your style quotient –get yours now!

Obviously I’m way ahead of the game now that Esha’s given me her pointers and both these dresses adorn my closet as investment pieces for the coming parties. If you’ve worn something similar and are right up to Esha’s fashion alley, give us a shout out. Let’s make friends and swap some fashion tips!