F for Fireworks, F for Fashion!

When the skies light up with fireworks and crackers this season, the world below will shine with sparkles of another kind. Indian chic has thrown open numerous ways for you to celebrate the victory of good fashion over evil.

Spangled, vivacious, infectious

Diwali dressing has a lot to do with wearing the spirit of the festival. Tradition insists that you don something brand new as a mark of gratitude to Goddess Lakshmi, the custodian of prosperity. Welcome Diwali dressed in the gorgeous themes of light, spangles and illumination. And remember to dress in excess!

Pass me the spice please

Sweetmeats are downed in mouthfuls, and food is savoured guiltlessly. Fashion has enough reasons to go delicious too. While the traditional kurta-pyjama continues to be the go-to choice for men during the festivities; the fabric, the shine, the stole spice up the ensemble to complement the flavour of the season.

What an anarkali does, a smile can do better

Paisley prints, embroidered yokes and zari borders come together in an exciting melange that mirrors the spirit of a delightful Diwali. A combination of cotton and silk or trendy net is a great choice of fabric that lets the vivid colours come alive as your true inner fashionista. Finally, seal the sheen with an accent of shimmery gold pumps or mojris.

So come indulge your wardrobe with striking ensembles in rich hues, contemporary designs and celebrate the festive season in style with us.