Fashion Dictionary For Him

The previous edition of fashion dictionary comprised of casual and party wear options for women. Here is a revisit to the fashion scene with an insight into the men’s wardrobe, the essentials, their origin and how you can incorporate it into your daily wear regime. Every occasion calls for a special addition or a slight up gradation to your style statement. Pantaloons offers the best in men’s fashion and at an affordable range.



First designed to be used in the military and then taken up by civilians, chino fabric was originally made to be simple and comfortable for soldiers to wear. Chino trousers now are dressier styles of these pants with pleated fronts, larger pockets, cuffs, and a variety of other small details and come in a variety of colours. Pair your chinos with V-neck cardigans or a plaid shirt and you have perfected the smart-casual look. Add a pair of casual brogues or loafers and you are ready for a weekend trip with your buddies.



Brouge is a style of low-heeled shoe marked by multiple-piece, sturdy leather upper and enhanced with decorative perforations or “brouging”. They were traditionally considered outdoor or country add-ons, but over the years have settled into almost all facets of life. Team your favourite pair with chinos or tapered pants and a slim-fit shirt to blend in perfectly with the contemporary crowd.



A sleeveless jacket resembling a waistcoat is the smartest addition to our offerings. Gilets may be waist- to knee-length, and are typically straight-sided rather than fitted. Though, historically, they were fitted and embroidered, they are now worn as casual waistcoats in winter or while off to an adventurous spree.


Pocket Sqaure

Pocket squares enhance the versatility of a suit jacket or blazer, and add another dimension to your attire. With the need to express individuality or personal sense of style, pocket squares these days come in a variety of styles, colours and fabrics. Pick a contrasting colour and switch between cotton, synthetic and silk pocket squares according to the occasion and boast of an immaculate dressing sense.


So update your fashion dictionaries with these new add ons and shop them at your nearest Pantaloons store!