Fathers and Fashion- A walk down memory lane!

Fashion and Fathers are words that will always bring up very interesting childhood memories for us. We often recall the arguments you had with your dad about the length of a skirt or the weird fashion styles you felt your father made you wear. This Father’s Day, let’s take a trip down memory lane and see which one of the below categories best describes your dad’s style.

The Strict-No-Nonsense-Dads

His house, his rules! These dads were the ones who forced you to comb your hair everyday a certain way, keep your shirt tucked in and keep your shoes always shiny. If you grew up with such a dad, you and sometimes even your friends would be victims to a certain dress code, which HAD to be maintained. Such dads wouldn’t EVER be caught unaware wearing bermudas or sporting unkempt hair.

The Cool-Relaxed Dads

These dads were cooler than ice. You often might recall being the envy of the other kids with strict parents. You never had any restrictions with regards to fashion. You could wear whatever you wanted and had the freedom to explore different aspects of fashion. These dads on an odd occasion would also wear clothes similar to yours, just to give you company.

The Not So Fashion-Forward Dads

These dads remained in a constant state of confusion when it came to fashion. They weren’t the ideal shopping buddies, as they could never help you decide on the perfect dress or colour that best suited you. They often would just pop up with a comb exclaiming that you hadn’t combed your hair, when you actually spent the last several minutes carefully styling those spikes.

The Tries-New-Fashion Dads

These dads bring up some of the most embarrassing memories for some. While they may not have had the most stylish choice in fashion, they certainly did their best to keep up with the trends. Sometimes leading to a spectacular fashion faux pas. This invariably also led to embarrassing moments like when your dad dressed you up only in boyish clothes. Though looking back, they did contribute to some hilarious childhood memories.

Reminiscing already? Check out this video of Fathers & Fashion

Wish your fashionable dad, a Happy Father’s day and style up his wardrobe with Pantaloons!