What does your favorite print say about your style?

We all have certain prints that are a staple in our wardrobes. But did you know, that the type of print you love says a lot about your personality?

This season we give you the low down on what your favorite prints say about you.

The Fun Fusion Look

For the women who love to experiment and is not afraid of trying new styles! If your closet is filled with abstract patterns, then you certainly are a go-getter who doesn’t follow fashion but creates her own trends!
When deciding to wear any abstract print, always ensure that it is the statement piece of your look for maximum fashion impact.

The Hip Checkered Look

For the ones who love comfort and can put together the coolest basic outfits. After all, for these fashionistas, comfort and style go hand in hand. Checks are a crucial fashion piece that every woman must have in her wardrobe. It is the perfect piece to create both casual as well as fun outfits for the day. Just slip into some distressed jeans with a beanie and some checks for a casual look!

The Edgy Graphic Look

For the women who are known for their fun and quirky style! They are always ahead of the style game and create a series of interesting outfits put together with fun pieces. To recreate such a look, you need to be willing to mix and match with casual and high fashion pieces for the perfect look.

The Chic Ethnic Look

For the women who love colours and can pull off ethnic wear with ease! They know what they like and wear a mix of ethnic designs with staggering ease. They are not swayed by popular fashion trends and would rather wear what they love.

There are scores of fun prints available to appeal to your taste. The key to maintaining a good style is to always experiment with outfits. So come on down to Pantaloons to find your favorite print!