Fun Guide to Friendship Day

It’s that month of the year when you paint the town red with the people who bring out the mischievous yet candid best in you. It’s Friendship’s Day and it’s time to shed all your inhibitions and let your hair down for a rollicking day with your pals.

Some of the many dilemmas during this otherwise peppy day are to figure out which happening hangout places you should head to, what amazing gifts you should pick for those special friends and most importantly, what are the outfits you should don while out with your buddies.

Well, you need not look any further for your solutions. Read on to get your Friendship’s Day agenda planned perfectly for a hassle-free fun time with your friends.

Friendship Day fun

A day of fun and frolic with your best buddies, celebrate this day at a theme park or simply relax at a resort. For a dose of music and dance, head out to a nightclub or attend a music gig that you and your friends love. However, do not forget to buy your best friend something as special as they are. Personalized T-shirts and coffee mugs or stunning neck-pieces and earrings, there’s something for every kind of friend. And most of all, be sure to buy a friendship band for all your buddies!

Vivacious outfits for a day out with your best buds

Go floral: Adorable floral prints paired with vivid colours like pink, baby blue or orange personify the mood that Friendship Day brings with it for the girls.

The dapper and slick look: A zesty graphic tee or an easy-going shirt in warm colours like light blue worn with vintage blue denims is ideal for the boys heading out for a fun-filled outing with their friends.

So what are you waiting for? Go all out and enjoy an unforgettable Friendship’s Day this year.