Gym Essentials

Foot-tapping music and an attitude to match, going to the gym has never been so much fun! Pump up your fitness regime with our list of must-have gym essentials. These basics will motivate you to work out every day and achieve your fitness goals with ease. So make sure you tick off everything on our gym essentials list before you begin your workout.

Comfortable and well-fitted, tights are perfect for that sweaty workout. Make sure you have a couple of them in a wide range of colours and pick the ones that flatter your form. Team them with a basic tank top or snug T-shirt and sneakers to be gym ready. When it comes to exercising, comfort should take precedence over looks. But hey, if you find a pair that looks and feels just as good, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Shorts are as sporty as it gets! A well-fitted pair of shorts is a workout winner all the way.A fantastic investment for summer, shorts ensure that you look your fittest best as you pump iron or challenge your treadmill record. Colourful shorts teamed with graphic print tees make for a good combination. Complete the outfit with trendy sneakers and you’ll be the personification of fit and fabulous.

Sweatpants are the epitome of sheer comfort. Ideally seen as lounge wear, they are now bonafide workout wear. And why not! They’re comfortable, look good on almost every body type, pair well with almost everything and are available in infinite styles and colours.While the men can pair them up with a polo T-shirt and converse sneakers and give the workout a stylish twist, the women can go for the classic look of sneakers and a pastel colored tees.

Quick tips

A workout is a serious affair. And while you’re focusing on toning your body, don’t forget its basic needs. The body needs more water than usual while exercising. Make sure you’re armed with a cool sipper and ensure that you drink your requisite quota of H2O. Sneakers are an integral part of any workout. Wearing the right type of sneakers provide you with comfort and can prevent you from possible injury during your workout.

Get the best out of your workouts by following the schedule on your stylish stopwatch. And how will you transport all your belongings to gym? In a fashionable gym bag of course! They come in various styles, colours and shapes, so pick one that suits your needs and style.

Armed with these essentials, head to your gym looking fit, fabulous and uber stylish!