Introducing Izabel London!

Ladies, we’ve heard you! You want something you can wear to lounge around in your favourite café over the weekend. Well, wait no more.

We’ve noticed that our on-the-go fashionistas required something they can don in the morning and continue to wear into the night. And while being demure is nice, staying elegant is what makes the heads turn. Keeping this essential bit in our mind, we bring to your closet this fresh dose of sophistication (with a sprinkling touch of feminine). Welcome, Izabel London.

Oh the dress! And the prints! (We can continue with the gasps, but you get the drift, right?) This dress wants to be worn to a breakfast date with your beau all the way to the ice cream parlour at night. Just carry your best foot forward, and let the star power of the dress speak. We bet that you’ll be getting a few “WHERE DID YOU BUY THAT DRESS FROM” by the end of the day.

 Borrowing from the mélange of Aztec prints and adding a dash of our pizzazz, this is a dress that’ll do justice to your independent spirit. Team it up with a pair of yellow heels for an evening out or a pair of canvas flats for those early autumn nature walks. This dress is sure to compliment the contours of your body.

We take your attitude and up the ante on the perfect Sunday brunch wear! Modernity and the ephemeral essence of a casual luncheon can be captured by this maxi dress. It embodies the carefree chic that has been associated with the casual sensibility of an effortlessly beautiful woman.

This outfit is perfect to add some day glamour. This is ultimate pick-me-up ensemble for the weekend after the stressful week you’ve had at work! Dab on your favourite berry blush lip colour, call upon your friends, and watch your confidence fly sky high.

So now that we’ve given you a sneak peek into the world of our elegant casual brand, how about you pay us a visit and tell us which one is your favorite look?