Micro fashion trends for cool kids

Summer’s here! It’s that time of the year where our lil’ fashionistas bask in the sun and enjoy the season to the fullest.

And what we all love is to see them don the best of summer shades.

Here are 5 micro fashion trends every cool kid must have.

  • Show off Stripes

    In shades of pinks, blues and yellows, let your little girl set the trend for those day outings. Of course, you can never go wrong with the bow!

  • Bold and blue

    There’s nothing better than a solid colour to spell a solid style statement and blue just does the trick. With blue on blue, he’ll impress everyone with that charm.

  • Flower field

    Pretty as a princess, this look is perfect for summer club. Nothing spells summer louder than a dress that literally just goes with the wind. Add a flower crown and you’ve got it!

  • Lil miss red riding hood

    It’s 2016, guys! Red riding hood wears blue, shorts and has an awesome attitude. Pair it up with matching pumps and you’ve got an “I love summer” look.

  • Best of both

    Some things just won’t go out of style. Dress your lil’ man in chinos, a rocker tshirt and cool shirt to compliment the look. It’s too cool to feel hot in!

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