Mobile Accessories

Enter a new era where fashion meets technology only to bring out the best in both. Gear up to enrich your experience with the much loved cell phone accessories that are touted as the hottest new trend.

Customized skins

This season the never-ending range of colourful illustrations  doesn’t let you stick to the same cover for more than a month. Plunge into a galore of customized designs with surreal abstracts and intricate graphics. Join the style squad with this trend and show off some creative skills by getting a customized skin for your own cell phone.

Cell phone danglers

Add a dash of personal style into your favourite device by decorating it with dainty danglers that come in the form of beautiful trinkets and the oh-so-adorable plush toys. For some variety, try a statement metal or wood engraved dangler to hit the right note.

Neon headphones

Gone are the days when headphones came in dull blacks and plain whites, now bright neons are the rage. Fuchsia pink or sunshiny yellow, there are numerous colours available for you to choose from. They will instantly lift up any phone!

Mobile covers

Handy and useful, mobile covers not only protect your precious phones, but also help in making a style statement. For a classy look, opt for   cases that come in vibrant hues like poppy red and electric blue. For those who prefer the do-it-yourself technique, all you need is a solid-coloured phone cover and studs. Place the studs over the cover as you wish, press in every stud with glue and voila! You have a fashionable phone cover in an instant!

Bedazzled cell phones are a rage in the fashion circuit, so choose from a plethora of designs and clever accessories to give your cell phone the style update it needs.