Monsoon Beauty Tips

The monsoons are here bringing along the much needed respite from heat! It’s the perfect time to let your inhibitions out and welcome the weather with open arms.Don’t let  the hair and skin care frenzy hold you back from having fun! Prep up and pay close attention to the following list of tips that will help you put an end to the monsoon mayhem and keep the beauty intact.


We obsess over it but we hardly do what’s necessary. Scrubbing, cleansing and moisturizing your skin everyday is  imperative for flawless skin.
Since dense makeup is prone to smudging and washing out severely , it is advisable to stick to light and waterproof makeup, especially for the eyes. Stay away from dabbing too much of  foundation and add just a hint of blush to look  au natural. A sheer film of beige, pastel or pink cream eye shadows can be used along with a thin line of water proof eyeliner for enhancing those eyes.

Wear matte lipsticks or opt for a soft brown shade with sheer gloss to keep your lips luscious.Make sure you splurge  on some lavender or vanilla body mists and perfumes to smell good all day long.

Keeping it light and simple is the key to maintaining healthy skin during the monsoons.

Hair care

Forget the frizz and embrace beautiful tresses with a complete hair care routine that involves cleansing your hair with a  mild shampoo.Use anti frizz hair masks to tame the rough and frizzy tresses. Stick to wooden combs and keep the knots untangled, the normal plastic ones usually lead to hair breakage .

Styling your hair can be tricky during monsoons but there are plenty of options for hair accessories that make life easier. Keep your hairstyle simple, classic churning takes you places without a second change. One th other hand, bouffants are difficult to manage. Keep your tresses short followed by a regular trim and step ahead with aplomb!

Foot care

One of the most important things to take care of during the monsoon are your feet. With all the dirt and muck rainy days bring, it is crucial to keep them clean and healthy. So, a pedicure is a must for this season. At the end of a humid rainy day, soak your feet in cold water and salt solution. Follow it up with a good scrub. Don’t forget to clean and wipe them dry. Keep your feet soft by intensive moisturizing, and add some bright nail paints to make your feet stand out in the crowd.

So follow the tips closely and make sure to enjoy your monsoon ride without a hitch!