Neon Crush

Vibrant, eye-popping and attention-demanding – neons are here to stay! So make way for the colors that bring you out of the boredom and breathe life into anything you wear!


When it comes to accessories, the love for colour has been taken over by the love for Neons.The satchel and clutch bags the top spot on our list. These uber chic bags are versatile with the power to look good with everything you wear! Team them up with a basic outfit of jeans and a tee for a splash of colour. Or tote them along with a simple sundress. Either way, be sure to make an outstanding style statement.

Summer is always a great time to play up with sunglasses. Let your imagination run crazy and opt for shades in fluorescent hues. Pinks, Greens, Oranges – you’ll be spoilt for choice and look good in whatever you choose.


Accessories are a smart way to incorporate neon. But who wants to stay simple when you can do it in a big way with a fluorescent green frock or neon tees in pinks and tangerines? Color blocking has been a go to style tip for a while now, but it’s time to take a step further with an outburst of neon. The best way to wear neon is to don one standout item and let the energy and effervescence percolate through your body! Alternatively you can go stylish with a boho-printed ensemble and match it with neon accessories!


Pump it up with electric heels or punchy flats and look plush from top to bottom! Put a little spice into your casual as well as corporate fashion with this emerging colour! The shoes define your style like nothing else and you can flaunt them at any time of the day flaunt them at any time of the day and look fresh and fabulous instantly!


A supercharged pink lip colour is great for the season; pair it with a touch of black eyeliner and a primer. This neon hue is usually a little bit softer, easier to take in when it comes to your casual friday look. The second favourite, for the more adventurous ones is the ‘banana yellow’ neon color for your nails, perfect for a more youthful approach. A pop of neon over a subtle foundation can lift your mood instantly and make you look more polished too. The best way to wear this alluring makeup is with your classic casual shorts and t-shirt.


Neon jewelry is hot and trending and no one’s afraid to try it anymore. If you like to keep it simple and sober, a simple off-white dress with colorful neon jewelry looks luxurious but if you are feeling a little adventurous then mix and match different colors and pull it all together with one wow necklace. For the bold and fashionable, a bright colored outfit can benefit from a neon accessory and look ravishing! It’s easy to go overboard with neons, but adding the right amount of light to an outfit is what makes you a trendsetter
Switch to fluorescence, it might be the perfect change you were looking for!