Outfit Ideas : College Fest

It’s that time during college when bunking takes a backseat and everyone is seen at the campus making a fashion statement. Yes, you guessed it, the most exciting time at the campus is just round the corner – the much-awaited and eagerly anticipated college fests!

So gear up with these stylish looks and carry it off with chutzpah to dazzle those rocking fests.

The nonchalant, easygoing look

This laid-back look requires minimum effort and still manages to make you look your stylish best on campus. A pair of jeans teamed with a bright colored graffiti tee is all it will take for you to be a hit with the girls!

The grunge look

Sleek denims with a funky printed top in a dark colour with a jazzy belt comes together to create a bold, grunge look. Adorn this ensemble with metallic accessories and you have the ideal look for the ultimate rock chic at college.

The campus rockers

Fashion evangelists in their own right, these style-conscious guys carefully pick and choose their attire to suit their personality. A smart black graphic tee with slick jeans accentuated with stylish sunglasses and sneakers lends a dapper campus rocker look.

The diva look

The fashionistas who believe in redefining styles can go for perfectly-fitting faded jeans with a stunning multicolored top paired with trendy high heel boots and hip sunglasses to get an ensemble that creates audacious new fashion at these fests.

The fests are some of the most memorable times spent in college and looking your best during that time is imperative. So what is your look for bedazzling the college fest this year?