Outfit On Point

Recall one of those days when you had to rush out of your home for a meeting and forgot to check the mirror. Entering the college classroom with lipstick smudged all over. Or attending a function after a windy drive. Here are some tips to make sure your outfit is on point without using the mirror. Use these tips and create a stunning look in the times of crisis. Scroll down for some simple yet handy fashion and beauty tips.

Outfit-On-POINT-1 (1)

You know one of those feelings when you just are supremely comfortable in your shoes and the air isn’t escaping your lungs and one where your outfit fits right (not too sloppy and not to tight). Go with your instincts and you’ll know it’s all in place if you feel good.
Outfit-On-POINT-2This is an outfit you’ve worn innumerable times by now. The same one that your friends keep eyeing on. The dress that gives you a flattering yet comforting look. What is this dress? It is something in black? Check your wardrobe and keep this piece always visible to your naked eye on the hanger.


Statement jewelry? Naah. Go for something safer, like a pair of solitaire earrings or studs. Keep this accessory handy and safe. Eyeliner is a big no. Just don’t do it. We suggest you let the mascara work its magic but not the eye-liner because honestly you don’t have the time and instrument for wings. And head out without giving a penny of worry.

Outfit-On-POINT-4Apply it quickly and unobtrusively, no trace of it should be left behind. Let us tell you how: a) make an “AAH” gesture. b) Start filling the outlines of your lips and all the way inside. C) now take a wet tissue and wipe the corner of your mouth. And voila!


Feet moisturised? Check.Corners of lips wiped? Check. Hair? Flip it upside down and run your finger through your hair. And finally just add a touch of your signature fragrance!

Do you have any other tip that we haven’t written down? Share it with us!