Pantaloons Pujo: Celebrities, Daaks and Fantastic Festive Fashion

The Sharodiya Saaj Utsav had Kolkata bursting with celebration with the Pantaloons Saajer Utsovear Daak! 50 Dhakis, celebrities – Shreelekha Mitra, Locket Chatterjee and June Malia, contests, prizes and an unforgettable trip from Kakurgachi to Gariahat! If you missed it, here’s a look back at that most memorable day.

Pantaloons Saajer Utsovear Daak

The day started off at our Gariahat store with Locket Chatterjee inaugurating the event by lighting the diya.  To get the party started, Locket decided to try her hand at playing the Daak and boy, did the crowd love it! RJs from Red FM kept everyone entertained as June then browsed through the store. Time to let the Dhaak City Tour begin!

Pantaloons Saajer Utsovear Daak

Wearing traditional cotton dhoti-kurtas, 50 Dhakis sounded their instruments in celebration as they made their way from Gariahat to Kakurgachi. Be it lined up in the street, seated in trucks or at the Pantaloons stores, they made sure that no beat was left unsounded.

Pantaloons Saajer Utsovear Daak

Chief Marketing Madhumita welcomed the stunning June Malia to the Kakurgachi store.  After a quick conch blowing competition, June picked out her favourites from our Jazz line of jewellery and Rangmanch Collection.

The evening rounded up with the finale of our karaoke contest where the 6 finalists put their vocal chords to the test with the Pantaloons Pujo Anthem. Music, madness and prizes worth Rs.5000+ given away by the lovely Sreelekha Mitra. The perfect end to the Pantaloons Saajer Utsovear Daak!

If you want to get your hands on the merchandise that the stars simply couldn’t resist, now’s the time to head to your nearest Pantaloons store.