Party Crisis: Pari Comes to the rescue

Oopsies! Here we go with yet another party crisis. Why can’t I ever plan my outfits in advance and why am I always left with a feeling that I’m not jazzed up enough? Not all is unwell in paradise cove though, my friend Pari’s decided to help me out of my dire situation! Her suggestions come with an added dose of panache, well, because for some people, fashion comes as effortlessly as sleep comes to me.

First up, she’s asked for this to be a must-have! From the closet of the fashion-savvy Pantaloons comes the brand called SF Jeans that’s got our style quotient covered to the boot. It’s edgy, it’s body hugging and it’s sure to turn a few heads (and then some more!). Since the weather’s a bit chilly, Pari’s recommended that I cover myself in some grunge a la leather jacket that gives me the edge over all the others who’ll be dressed in all dainty and hum-drum. Umm, yes, I think I’ll take the entire look, especially the one that makes me stand out from the crowd. A tad bit of extra advice? Go bold, especially with the eye-liner. When you don a look like this, you must go big or simply go home. Cat eyes is a must. CAN NOT WAIT TO SHOW THIS LOOK OFF.

And now we’re talking. Pari can’t get enough of this look. HIGH FASHION – HIGH FASHION – HIGH FASHION is all this speaks. It’s minimalistic so it ensures that you don’t look like you’re trying too hard. The leopard print is a statement piece that brings prominence to your entire look. This is a must-have from the Annabelle collection as per Pari and truth be told, I couldn’t agree more! Style it with a black pair of leggings, a cuff and a coif that’ll make people go, “How did she pull that off? I wish I could do the same!”  The zip detail in the leggings brings out the persona of minimalism yet authority in the outfit. Don’t forget to dab an extra bit of rouge, it’s the party season girls, a bit of blush goes a long way!


Armed with the season’s two best looks for me, I’m ready to conquer this party season. Here’s a big hug and oodles of kisses for my yearly fashion savior, Pari. Don’t hesitate to ask her your fashion queries, you know that she’s got your back.