Scented Sensations

It’s aspirational, it’s exclusive and its uber stylish! It brings with it a sense of individuality and uniqueness. A perfume is an extension of your personality. From choosing the right fragrance to applying it, wearing a perfume is akin to an art.

Take a peek at the exquisite range below and find out the essence that suits your style best.

Musk enticement

A classy musk fragrance for men that completes the astute formal attire is perfect while heading to work. It must be taken care that the fragrance should not be overpowering and needs to be extremely subtle to portray that smart, well-groomed personality.

Piquant fruity allurement

Effervescent citrus perfumes are popular with the vivacious ladies. The fruit-flavoured scent leaves behind a fresh and peppy trail, and can be worn while on a fun trip or an outing with your girlfriends.

Citrus seduction

Exquisite perfumes with strong oriental notes of amber exude a warm and sensuous scent, which is suitable for the more adventurous personalities. This fragrance is ideal while heading out on a dinner date.

Woody enchantment

Strong and magnetic cypre-flavoured cologne for men emanates an irresistible fragrance that is rich and lingering and has a woody scent to it. These colognes can be worn confidently to exhibit a charming personality while at a wine or cigar gathering.

Carnation charisma

The fresh and sweet aroma of carnations exudes the poise and panache that women crave to wear for important occasions like a business conference or a cocktail party.

Floral magic

A delicate floral fragrance infused with the essence of jasmine or rose personifies a sweet disposition. These perfumes are perfect for family festivities or celebrations.

So be it a day out with your BFFs or a night-out with the buds, don’t forget to wear your favorite perfume—one that defines your personality the best!