Shop Smart with Pantaloons #SaleHacks

We realize it can get tough to manage shopping during sale season. So, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of easy #SaleHacks to keep in mind when you’re doing your sale shopping.

sale-hack-banner (1)

1) A night before the commencement, go through the brand’s website and look for things/items/clothes/shoes/accessories you love. The next day will be a lot easier.

2) Find out our store rules in advance. For example: “Can the item be returned or exchanged?”

3) Be the first one. Mornings are generally not crowded, it’s the perfect opportunity to shop with ease and avoid long wait for trail rooms. It will also give you enough time to screengrab the store placements in your head. Get the basic gist of what is where….

4) Don’t buy anything in haste. If it’s not your size, leave it. If you really like the style than check out the other stores of your favourite brand.

5) Do look for the trial room racks and boxes where people dump off their tried on items. This is a place where you’ll find some of the greatest pieces.

6) Make sure you have a light handbag or none at all. We suggest a light pocket sling to hold your wallet and cellphone.

7) High Heels: A BIG NO! Remember, you have to walk a lot and stand a lot, so wear something comfortable.

8) Set a budget and stick to it! Because we all know these sales can get the best of our pockets. #SaleTip

9) Creating a list! Then concentrate on staples that need replacing, classic pieces that have worn off, essential colours for the season and quality fabrics that will stand the test of time.

10) Wear super easy to wear and get out off clothes, something that is easily changeable in the trial room.