Soak up the sun

All of us have had our share of sunny days when a walk under the sun sounds like such a chore! But before the heat takes away all the fun, stock your wardrobe with the season’s favorite fabrics and style them up, because summers are good as long as you don’t swelter!

Cotton is inarguably the king of fabrics. A one-stop-shop for shirts, skirts, trousers, jeans and accessories, this breathable boon is very summer friendly. From the crisp formal shirt in your wardrobe to the versatile ‘little white dress’, cotton can be your best friend.

What more? Cotton gives us the best in accessories too! Set aside your heavy baubles and blings and opt for the comfy cotton scarves and nifty hats that suit your style!

Linen is the perfect mix of comfort and elegance which can be worn all year long! Our favorites this season include linen shirts that make a fashionable summer statement like none other and linen trousers that exude absolute style and grace.

Sheer in all its forms is enjoying a great fashion moment and the one we liked the most is the sensuous Chiffon! It resists wrinkling better than most fabrics, is lightweight and falls gracefully over your body. Available in plethora of alluring and fresh colours, chiffon largely remains the domain of dresses this summer. Chiffon dries up in no time which makes it incredibly travel friendly too. Most importantly, chiffon takes femininity to a new level.

This summer trade the bold and quirky looks for a ladylike sultry radiance.