Sporty Ventures

Hitting the glamorous high roads or the dramatic steep valleys, we tend to ignore the importance of dressing up in the spur of excitement. The trouble arrives once you are out and about! This summer be prepared for a well packed trip and drive away the travel blues with fashion’s favorite pieces that have stood the test of time!

Adventure sports are great summer break options that tone and refresh your body like none other. Starting from sea surfing in the amorphous waters to paragliding into the beatific skies, there is so much you can indulge in.

Water sporting needs an adventurous heart and a stylish wardrobe! Make yours the perfect fit by sprucing up your basics with a pair of tights and a t-shirt; we love Ajile’s range of tights and t-shirts available in overwhelming colors and styles.

Add to the thrill and excitement with some of the best options in adventure sports like trekking and paragliding. Dressing up for each can be equally interesting with a pair of Khaki shorts or cargo pants and a high neck jacket layered above a comfy t-shirt.

If your idea of fun is hitting the Gym or workout by the bay, never settle with just one look, it is not even an option. Instead, notch up your comfort with a pair of shorts and an effortlessly stylish jumper. Complete the look with a pair of sport shoes in popping neon and you are all set to rock the treadmill.

Preparing yourself for some great outdoor sports? Opt for a printed t-shirt or tweak the look with a hooded tee and a pair of sweatpants that complement your athletic persona. Try Ajile’s all new collection of sporty tracks and team them up with your favorite sneakers for a great performance.

So zip up your travel bags with a final addition of a trendy hat you’d want to flaunt weekend after weekend! Choose either a simple canvas crusher or a dramatic floppy hat like the trendy ones from Ajile that come in tan or beige; and make sure it fits.

As we help to give your travel bag a shift; you can choose from summer’s favorite trends for a hassle free trip and a rejuvenating experience to bask in.