Jack(et) Of All Trades

Jackets are the ultimate closet must-haves. Be it fall or spring, layering up with a well cut and snug fitting jacket is never a bad idea. They’re the perfect marriage of fashion and functionality.  Their versatility is practically unmatched and their ability to transform an outfit from drab to fab definitely gives it brownie points.

Here’s our take on five jackets that must hang in your wardrobe.

The Boyfriend Blazer

Androgynous, chic and form-flattering, the boyfriend blazer makes for an impressive style statement this holiday season. Team it with a pair of jeans, a skirt or simply add layers to a shirt; this ultimate closet companion makes everything look good.

Casual Cotton 

Cotton and Jacket. Two words that are fabulous by themselves and an absolute knockout together. Light and trendy, they’re perfect to look catwalk ready while keeping the nip in the air away.

Trendy Jackets

These purely complement the fashionista in you. Throw them over a dress, or cover up a tank top – these jackets will never let you down when it comes to grabbing complimentary eyeballs. Step out in these and you will be lauded for your fashion sense. Looking good has never been this easy.

Denim Jackets

Ah, a classic trend! No collection is complete without these hip pieces. The multiple styles of denim jackets are only matched by the myriad ways they can be adorned. If you haven’t got one yet, make it the numero uno item on your shopping list.

Formal Jackets

Want to add a stylish edge to your conservative formal outfit? Just slip into one of these slickly tailored beauties and watch the world of difference they make. Perfect for a power lunch with the boss or a sales presentation, formal jackets do a great job at lending panache to any ensemble.

So what’re you waiting for? Head to the nearest shopping mall or boutique and get your hands on these versatile and beautiful wardrobe must-haves.