Story of a dupatta

Dupatta- There’s a mysterious beauty behind the silhouette; the way it dances around with such little fright, the feel of the fabric- light and pristine, the perfect fall it creates to add that enchanting closure to any outfit. AAAH… Only we know how much we love this Indian dupatta!

A dupatta was first spotted on a sculpture of the Priest King of Harrapa, where his left shoulder was covered with some kind of a chaddar. It is a long, multi-purpose scarf that is topped over many women’s wear; to name a few favourite- the Anarkalis, the churidaars, the kameez, Karachi kurtas, gharga-cholis and the list can go on for just as long as you wish to.

The beauty of this accessory is that it can now pass of as not just a traditional item but also as a cape, a statement piece in your western outfits and taken as a light wrap around for sun down dresses. Come explore the variety of this gorgeous clothing item called the Dupatta with a range of prints, textures, in different fabrics like silk, chiffon, cotton and some more, at Pantaloons.

In some parts of the world, a dupatta is more than just a fashion statement- It is culture, it is tradition, it is layering and majorly the essence of femininity. And while it may grow longer or shorter, wider or narrower, plainer or more extravagant with fashion’s whims, at the end of the day it is embracing cultural heritage for Indian women.

Also known as chādar, bochanrr, orni/orna, chunri, chunni and pacheri; we’re in love with this beautifulaccessory that we call proudly the Dupatta!

It is looking forward to accompany you, are you too?