Story of a Maang Tikaa

The pristine element of the solah shringaar (or evergreen gehna as we love to call it), the Maang Tikka essentially claimed fame as the Indian bride’s ensemble. Let’s take a quick detour and admire the beauty of this primeval ornament.


Being an integral part of an Indian bride’s ensemble, a traditionally Indian woman would don a maang tikka for the first time on her wedding day. Stories brewed by old-school ancestors say that the pendant of this accessory rests on the agya chakra- a spot on the woman’s forehead which is the seat of protection. It signifies the sacred union of man and woman (spouses to be united), on a mystical, physical and emotional level. It is also the celebration of goodness that the bride brings along to her new family.
Seen in old Bollywood movies and new, this bridal accessory enriches the look with its big bold presence on forehead and gives a glam yet authentic Indian look which sets her apart from the rest. It comes in various types- to name a few, there’s the borla, the kundan statement, modern art headgear and the matha patti.

Today women not only in India, but globally wear the maang tikka a.k.a a headpiece, paasa, matha-patti etcetera.
We’ve seen the fashion come around and change the game of fashion statements and here’s one such piece that we adore.

While there may be endless choices in maang tikka fashions, the key to choosing the perfect headpiece or maang tikka is making sure there is a perfect balance in your overall look. A heavy necklace and earrings, AND a mang tikka is a complete NO NO!

Some helpful styling tips?
Style this accessory with minimalist earrings or bangles (one of the two). Go all out heavy only and only if you’re a bride in making. And always opt for the extravagant piece, we promise there’ll be no other jewelry required!

So don’t wait, don’t fret. Just go ahead and try this divalicious trend today.