Story of Culottes

Call them the knee-breeches, gaucho pants, shorts or loose pants- truth is, Culottes have won the trouser battle for the season with all glory and hoots.

Let us tell you the short-sweet story of culottes. Long, long ago when people were mesmerized by the Victorian era and Renaissance through the early 19thcentury, the elites of theEuropean upper-classes swore by the knee-breeches and wore them to parties where they’d drink dancing juices and feast on delicacies. However our Culottes weren’t just as evolved; back then the Culotteswere tight trousers for men, which ended just below the knee. Culottes for women first appeared when Victorian ladies decided to go out there and get going. They were initially known as “split” or “divided skirts” and the looks didn’t really matter because women were looking for comfort while they’d ride their horses and bikes. Let us be heralds and tell you how the story turned upside down. Culottesgained its peak glorywhen they were sported by fashion visionary Elsa Schiaparelli in 1931.From what we hear, the aristocrats shunned this apparel later on but the good news is, it’s finally catching up and working in our favour! Nowthat culottes are having a more than just “A” moment, we’re here to bring this trend straight to you.Check out the fashionable, bold and charismatic silhouette of these pants and transport them right in your closet in a range of summer hues.