Style Your Attitude

Sunglasses are the epitome of cool. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Slip on a pair of swanky sunglasses and your style quotient just shoots off the charts!

The best thing about sunglasses is that they complement your personality and there’s a shade for everyone. There is more to selecting the right frame, than just deciding which one compliments your facial structure.

This summer reveal your true colours by donning sunglasses which fit your personality like a glove.


Think James Dean and Clint Eastwood. Effortlessly cool with a hint of adventure tinged with appeal. Wayfarers are an ideal accessory for those who love to send their adrenaline pumping with a shot of adventure. Sleekly designed, wayfarers lend oodles of style to the wearer.

Jackie O

Jacki Onassis.These two words not only encapsulate one of the world’s best style icon but also redefine glam.  Ever since the glamorous ex-first lady wore her patented oversized glasses in the public, they’ve been a rage all over the world. Ironically, she started wearing them to maintain anonymity and today they’re the symbol for everything notice-worthy and fashionable.

Ideal for budding fashionistas and lovers of all things glam, Jackie O glasses are timeless, elegant and perfect style boosters. They exude style, panache and will ensure that the wearer is never short of well-deserved attention.


Tom Cruise catapulted them to fame post Top Gun and how! Personifying the young, talented and ambitious go-getters, aviators have become an eternal style statement. Drive, determination and spiritedness is personified by the image of a classic white shirt, blue jeans and aviators. A big pro in their favour is that they work seamlessly with any face type. Go ahead and flaunt your ambition and style in these fashion staples.

Cat Eye

The swinging 60s were known for more than just being free-spirited and high fashion decade. Iconic models such as Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton managed to popularize the waif look, chic bangs and cat eye glasses.

Feminine, distinct and delightfully vintage, cat eye glasses are the perfect expression of a stylish and quirky personality. These are strictly for those who love the little oddities of life and are not afraid to make an unconventional statement.

Geek chic

Let your creativity take over and shine centre-stage in these geek chic glasses.  Available in hues of reds, purples and blues, there’s one for every creative expression.  Whether you are burrowing in your favourite book, treating yourself to world cinema, creating cool designs or writing a poignant story, these fashionable glasses make for a great companion.

Embrace your inner nerd with an amalgamation of fashion and ingenuity. Looking creatively cool was never this easy

Neon Frames

Are you the person that sets the rules instead of following them? Does the idea of taking the path less traveled appeal to you? A true believer in ‘I will do things my way?’ Then neon frames in eye-popping colours are ideal for you.

Funky, eclectic and absolutely radical, neon frames embody achievers who write their own success story. Not one to buck down to conventions, these glasses are a fashion extension of those who are proud to be unconventional and eclectic.

Identify the one that expresses you the most and stay trendy with sunglasses that are perfect for you. Head to the nearest Pantaloons store to find your perfect style companion this summer.