Summer Classics

The ubiquitous casuals have always been endorsed by fashion lovers as a style mantra all over the globe and in all seasons. Deck up with an all new range of slick casuals and add a bit of a spin to spike up your style statement. Pair it up with classic jeans and bewitch the world with your chutzpah.

Flaunt the dainty dots
Chic polka dots are the most dependable and reliable casual prints which work effortlessly to up your fashion quotient and make you look elegant and classy. Shades of the fundamental blacks and whites are the perfect mix to lend a dapper look while sporting those casuals.
Efflorescent Magic
Floral prints in fresh rejuvenating colors and dazzling neons brighten up not just the look but also the mood in the summer heat. Pretty florals also work very well with delicate laces that make for a dainty outfit while heading out. Be it the soft shade of beige or the stately black, gentle laces are very much in vogue amongst the trendy range of casuals.

We Heart It
Charming prints like tiny graceful hearts and regal stripes in shades of every color provide a pleasant and refreshing look to the casual attire. Their versatility in terms of the range of colors they provide opens up new fashion arenas within the stylish collection of casuals.

Check mate
Beat conventional wisdom and rewrite the fashion rulebook with a combination of easygoing checks with floral detailing shirt for a smart and savvy look. And the best part is that it suits every kind of personality perfectly.
Jazz up the casual look
What’s casual without a bit of jazz!Snake printed top in ornate colors of bronze and gold have made their way into the casual wardrobe and are extremely popular with fashionista’s the world over. Team it up with plain black jeans and they will exude glamour and elegance to the beholder.

Stylish casuals in vogue this summer have redefined fashion trends with its exciting twists and spins and have received fashion acclaim from all the trendsetters. And with the new college year coming up, they are the perfect go-to solution for the ultimate style diva!