5 essentials to look your best at work this monsoon


The monsoons have finally arrived with full force. With heavy showers a common sight, picking the right work outfit has now reached a level 10 on difficulty. There needs to be a balance between being fashionable while being monsoon appropriate. … Read more>>

Monsoon outfits for your fashion style


‘Everyday is a fashion show and the world is yours’ ~ Coco Chanel We at Pantaloons truly believe that you should dress your best every single day of the week. So don’t let the potential monsoon showers rain down on … Read more>>

The LIVA Woman


As part of Spring/Summer 2016, LIVA has introduced a new collection at Pantaloons that beautifully merges fluidity and style. The fabric has the most amazing feel and flow. It’s a new age, natural fabric that infuses fluidity into its garments. … Read more>>

Festive Fashion For the Family

The time for festivity sets in, and the question on how to dress right pops right out of the closet! Family get-togethers, Puja sessions and Diwali night are all essential occasions where one gets to sparkle in their festive ensembles. … Read more>>

18 Reasons to Shop till You Drop!

We are delighted to see the response to celebrating #PantaloonsTurns18. We can’t thank you enough for all the love! But we’ll try to do anyway! While we can’t list all the reasons why our loyalists love shopping at stores, we’ll … Read more>>


After all the crazy fun they had at the beach party, the Fab Four are glum that the fabulous Road Trip has come to an end. They packed up and left the beach to take a much shorter route home, … Read more>>


Today is the day for the beach party! The Fab Four are super excited and are wondering what they’ll wear, but before that Rahul has some fun thrills planned for them.


The Fab Four’s car unexpectedly refused to start the day after Rahul and Sara’s hike. Now while the girls wait, Rahul has gone off with the hotel staff to get the car fixed from the local mechanic. This unfortunate development … Read more>>

Haute Hues

With the New Year just around the corner, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite colours for a fresh start! Scroll down and enjoy our colourful collection!

Fabulously Festive

Festivals mean different styling and fashion for different people; for some it’s all about the grandeur of traditional Indian suits whereas for some it’s about breaking the clutter and standing out. This festive season come celebrate your unique style with … Read more>>