5 essentials to look your best at work this monsoon


The monsoons have finally arrived with full force. With heavy showers a common sight, picking the right work outfit has now reached a level 10 on difficulty. There needs to be a balance between being fashionable while being monsoon appropriate. … Read more>>

Trend Spotting

From the classic stripes revamped to futuristic prints to traditional wear to dynamic patterns; we’ve got it all! Keep reading to know our trendiest picks.


With changing fashions and patterns, we bring the juiciest accessories of the season!Pantaloons is here with the inspiration you need to change the accessory game.

Accessories: Rev up your look

There’s something awesome about accessories. Just slip ‘em on and you can go from plain and simple to outright rocking in a jiffy. Whether its an over-sized piece, an array of baubles, or an expected pop of colour on a … Read more>>

Bags: To complement your Ethnic Wear

From rich reds to gorgeous golds, ethnic wear explodes with a riot of colours, shapes and fabrics that create any array of looks for any occasion. All it needs is the right bag to go with, and the look is … Read more>>


They go everywhere you do and carry everything you need – sitting neatly on your shoulders and keeping you super stylish all the while. They are your roomy and chic multitasking partners. From parties to college, from work to travel … Read more>>

Gift Ideas: Raksha Bandhan

Partners in times of mischief and bitter opponents in the silliest of fights, they can be highly annoying and can sometimes drive you up the wall. But they are the ones you turn to in times of trouble as they … Read more>>

How-to-Accessorize Formals

Get ahead of the monotony in formal wear and dive into the best from Pantaloons formal accessories to bring out the X-factor in you! The Tie This season is all about bold stripes and graphic prints. Although it’s not necessary … Read more>>

Monsoon Essentials

Monsoon spells reveries and rains! As you prepare for the most awaited season, Pantaloons brings monsoon must-haves that stock well on your style pile. Hint: Think Practical. Shorts and a T-Shirt Call it a cheat sheet, but this clever combo … Read more>>

Holiday Shopping Carnival

Nothing welcomes the holidays better than a whole new wardrobe. And Pantaloons sparks off a range of vacation ideas through its new collection beautifully offset with a range of accessories.Florals, pastels, fresh denims, zany stripes, stunning eye-wear, cool watches, handbags…. … Read more>>