Bohemian Touch

Every now and then we hear the words “boho fashion” and “boho chic”, believing that we’re aware of this fashion scene in India. But the truth is that boho chic has just started to pick up in India and we would like … Read more>>


It’s never too late to celebrate fashion or friends; and what’s better than a mix of the two! We all have friends with different personas and signature styles. Here’s to decoding them; the one who is a little too poised, … Read more>>

Accessories: Rev up your look

There’s something awesome about accessories. Just slip ‘em on and you can go from plain and simple to outright rocking in a jiffy. Whether its an over-sized piece, an array of baubles, or an expected pop of colour on a … Read more>>

4 Bs for the Boys

When it comes to fashion, there are no hard and fast rules to getting it right. Especially if you’re a multitasking man who’s got to score big on home turf as well as on corporate grounds, with friends or with … Read more>>

Closet classics for men

The way you dress is a reflection of who you are. A well-dressed man exudes an air of confidence and self-assurance. All you need to look your stylish best are some tried and tested classics. So make sure you have … Read more>>

Casual Fridays

Fridays are meant for losing your formal inhibitions and going effortlessly casual; a refreshing transition from your daily routine.This is the time to get into weekend mode by looking your casual best! There’s something about casual wear that de-stresses you … Read more>>

Trend Alert: Coloured Denims

Blue jeans are a perennial, time tested and timelessly classic! However, this fall bright colours have made a huge splash in the style stratosphere. And denim is no stranger to this spiffy style statement. Candy, Aubergine, Lime, Aquamarine, Teal – … Read more>>

Pantaloons Upto 50% Off Sale

SALE is that one magic word which spells thrill, anticipation and a heady rush of adrenaline. Head over to the nearest Pantaloons store coz we have a treat for you! Fabulous clothes, stunning accessories and winter essentials; there’s an eclectic … Read more>>

A Dressy Winter

Why should a bit of chill freeze your inner fashionista? Go forth and unleash the fashion goddess in you and have yourself a chic winter. If dresses aren’t your cup of tea, fear not. Bring out your girly and stylish … Read more>>